Aluminium foil containers

Aluminium containers protect perishable goods from all harmful environmental influences – even in the most extreme climates.

Aluminium containers are hygienic. Its surface cannot become a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Aluminium is a totally inert material which doesn’t allow any migration from or in to the product it has to protect. No odour, falvour or aroma can penetrate or escape.

Aluminium containers keep products fresh for a long time without quality deterioration.

Aluminium is not light, so this is an advantage which is equally beneficial for processors, salesman and shoppers.

Aluminium containers are handy, elegant and practical.

Aluminium containers are resistant because of their rigidity and will not become deformed during cooking.

Aluminium containers can readily be used in traditional ovens and in microwave ovens.

Aluminium is ecological because;
• Energy consumption has been reduce by 30 % during its production
• Over 30 % of the worlwide production is made from recycled scrap.
• It saves energy.