Био картонена кутия за храна 23х23 Sugarcane 3 отделения

Материал: Sugarcane

Размер: 23 х 23 см

Опаковка: 2 х 100 бр.

Ном. номер: 2503009000020

Sugarcane food container, square, with hindged lid , 23x23 cm, 2 compartments, white, biodegradable and compostable. A #plasticfree product harmonized with the legislatives environmental requirements of EU. Ideal to replace the disposable foam (EPS) food containers. Resistant to low and high temperatures. Suitable for freezers and microwaves ovens. Strong and robust.

Essential for the professionals in the HO.RE.CA. industry for use in restaurants, hotels, catering, delivery and take away services. Use these beautiful TESSERA bio products® sugarcane tableware and offer to your customers delicious meals while protecting the environment. Combine them with the TESSERA bio products® wooden cutlery set, the waterbased or PLA coated paper cups and create a beautiful and ecological combination for disposable packaging.